Thought Leadership

05 September 2018

Take five with Roz

Five minutes, five questions. Roz Cuschieri, Chairwoman of Emily Crisps, joined the School for CEOs Faculty in 2017.Here she reflects on her car...

15 May 2018

Ikigai: a reason for being

The well-being of an organisation and the well-being of its workers are inextricably linked. Human capital management is now seen by many, inclu...

26 June 2017

The new CEO and the HR Director

The following article was written by School for CEOs Chairman, Patrick Macdonald. Five key areas where a modern HR director can help the new bos...

What makes an intelligent CEO?

03 January 2017

What makes an intelligent CEO?

It sounds like a statement of the blindingly obvious, but CEOs need to be intelligent. Apart from anything else, their colleagues expect them to...

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03 November 2016

Future-proofing the ceo

The pace of business today is faster than ever and the role of the CEO continues to change. How do we future-proof CEOs? What are the issues that...

09 October 2013

Stepping up to ceo

The role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is unique in its profile, its level of responsibility and its demands. There is much to learn in a...