In an ever-changing context, past performance is no longer a guarantee of future success. Working closely with clients to understand the organisational context and priorities our team use a robust data driven process to understand individual potential and predict occupational success in senior leadership roles. We supplement this psychological profiling process with recommendations for specific development opportunities for each individual assessed.


Unconscious bias, while a powerful tool in short-circuiting our decision making, can also lead us to making inaccurate decisions.

Using data gathered through a professional rigorous process can lead to more accurate decisions around recruitment for senior roles, while also providing the opportunity to develop those assessed and help the organisation understand how to set leaders up for success.



Understanding your priorities

Detailed briefing conversations to understand organisational context and strategic priorities.


Completing a diagnostic

In depth biographical interview and use of supporting psychometric tools identify areas of strength and opportunities for development as well as cultural fit, if an external candidate. A detailed written report summarises findings.


Providing insights

Debrief sponsors with key insights and recommendations.


Enhancing performance

Individual feedback conversations help your leaders plan their development around specific areas to enhance their overall leadership potential and performance.

Participant Profile

Executive Assessment provides important insight to support a recruitment process for senior roles. You may consider profiling your executive team for development, or as preparation for a significant change, or to support succession planning for Executive level roles.

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