“For me, it was one of, if not the, best training I have participated in. It gave me new ways to approach difficult conversations, take control of my brand and personal purpose, and was very engaging. I would recommend me this to anyone who is headed toward leadership.”

Director of Proposals and Contracts

Clinical Research Organisation

Relating to Leadership Masterclasses (Half-Day)

“I thought the speakers were all excellent. They managed the conversation flow really well, allowed plenty of discussion but kept on topic and kept to time so that we covered everything. A key part for me was the opportunity to build a new internal network and to bond with other people on the course. Starting the night before with a little icebreaker and plenty of opportunity to get to know each other really helped.”

Senior Leader

FTSE 50 asset manager

Relating to For Aspiring Executive Leaders (1 day)

“I enjoyed talking about the transition I need to make to ensure that I become the most effective leader I can be, as this gave me an opportunity to reflect on the past few years that I may have mishandled certain situations”

Operations Director

Civil engineering company

Relating to For Aspiring Executive Leaders (1 day)

“I learned a lot from Vital Few and was keen to experience and learn further from Vital Few: Part Two. It provided me a forum where I felt comfortable to share and openly discuss issues with peers”


Construction business

“Fascinating sessions offering a perspective completely different to the world you perceive every day.”


Housing and care provider

“The overall programme was excellent, thought provoking, and I really enjoyed the broad perspective from the four areas challenging us to think holistically and recognise the importance of all 4 aspects in our roles as leaders.”


Construction business

“Hugely positive. I have taken numerous actions away. Very important messages and areas to concentrate on that get easily forgotten in the day-to-day business but which are the most impactful - that separate leaders from the weeds to focus on the business not in the business.”

CFO & Interim CEO

Asset manager

Relating to For New Senior Leaders (2 days)

“Excellent overall. I gained a lot from the course and also found it very enjoyable and thought provoking. The other delegates were also first class and the level of engagement by all made the course first class”

Group CEO


Relating to For New Senior Leaders (2 days)

“The experience felt very premium with a relaxed style. High quality from start to finish”

Managing Director

Technology business

Relating to For New Senior Leaders (2 days)

“I have worked with David over the past 3 years and his pragmatic advice and extensive knowledge has been instrumental in my career. His calm demeanour combined with positive challenge gives both clarity and confidence. He is also a great connector of people and generous with his time. He is simply fantastic to work with!”


Financial Services Business

Relating to 1:1 Coaching for Leaders

“Our team was formed while working from home amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, which impacted our industry tremendously. There was a great deal of competition amongst the team and a lack of collaboration. David has been working with us both individually and as a group to build a foundation of trust, improved communication, and an ethos of collaboration. Over the past six months, we have transformed from 10 individuals into an integrated unit working towards common goals. I credit this remarkable transformation entirely to David’s coaching and feedback, which we will continue to engage to further evolve the team dynamics. ”

Chief Marketing Officer

Technology Travel Business

Relating to Team Development

“The models and examples within Runway are broadly familiar to me from my previous work, but the videos are a good addition, bringing the concepts to life and adding additional voices beyond my own, which aids the credibility of the programme.

I value the five dimensions approach of Runway, because it facilitates a leader looking at themselves through multiple lenses, which reduces the likelihood that they skirt over an aspect of their leadership journey which is uncomfortable or unnatural to them. It supports you to be thorough and comprehensive in your work and to support the client’s reflection, embedding and overcoming challenges”

Experienced Leadership Coach

Relating to Certification for Executive Coaches: Dimensions