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It is a leadership imperative to develop superior levels of self-awareness, alongside a detailed understanding of the unique demands and derailers of the role you may be stepping into.

Through a blend of one-to-one and classroom-style learning, we help leaders dig into areas of strength and development, explore personal preferences and biases, and learn from eminent business leaders who have sat in the hot-seat themselves and share learnings based on real life experience.

This might include: joining an open Vital Few programme with fellow CEOs and Executives; participating on Runway as part of a talent programme; becoming a reverse mentor or mentee in your organisation; topping up your toolkit of leadership skills on a deep dive masterclass; working on a bespoke coaching or team development assignment, or executive assessment to support succession planning.

We take care to listen to and understand our clients’ challenges before recommending an intervention to support your needs. Sometimes this can include bespoke projects working alongside trusted partners.

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