If you are seeking to accelerate your career, these focused practical masterclasses help strengthen your leadership by developing a range of key skills from coaching to influencing, from communicating with impact to networking and more.


Themes for the Leadership Series were first identified from the Runway programme, where participants consistently highlighted similar areas for personal development.

These masterclasses are designed to help individuals lead more effectively, whether you are influencing key stakeholders, having more structured conversations around performance, networking more effectively or communicating and leading change in your team or organisation.

Delivered purely in house for organisations, many clients use the Leadership Series to complement existing talent programmes or as a follow-on activity after a Runway programme. These half-day sessions can be facilitated as off-the-shelf workshops but can also be tailored to the organisation and sector, using relevant case studies to the sector.


Workshops can be delivered as face-to-face or live online workshops. Existing masterclasses consider the following themes:

The Coaching Leader

Introduction to coaching models; facilitative and directive coaching; performance and interference; active listening; questioning; creating the right environment to coach; building rapport; problem structures.

Tackling Performance & Crucial Conversations

The Relationship Model; creating a performance-based culture; feedback models for tough conversations; creating and leading the High Performing Team; unconscious bias and building diverse teams.

Developing Great Networks

The 3 types of network; auditing your network; building strong networks; your personal brand and making a great first impression; networking events; leveraging social media.

Strategic Influencing

Understanding the stakeholder landscape; the different influencing styles; influencing without authority; adapting and flexing approaches appropriately; using IQ, EQ, CQ and PQ effectively.

Communicating with Impact

Core presentation skills including constructing and giving great presentations; key attributes that ‘make or break’ presentations; interacting with the media including newspapers and journals, radio and television.

Leading Change

Preparing, leading and embedding change in organisations; building engagement, trust and motivation, and timing; the DREC checklist; exploring transformational and transactional factors in the Burke-Litwin Model; building accountability, holding momentum and empowering others to own the change.

Building Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success

The science behind emotional intelligence and emotional capital; the key emotional and social skills that that drive effective leadership; develop an action plan for building your emotional capital.

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Participant Profile

These sessions are designed to complement the Runway programme and as such are suitable for aspiring executive leaders. They are also used to support less experienced managers as you develop your leadership skillset.

What our Clients Say

Truly, this is an exceptional programme

(Senior manager, Insurer)


For me, it was one of, if not the, best training I have participated in. It gave me new ways to approach difficult conversations, take control of my brand and personal purpose, and was very engaging. I would recommend me this to anyone who is headed toward leadership.

(Director of Proposals and Contracts, Clinical Research Organisation)

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