In our Leadership Insights podcast, we access the workable wisdom of seasoned CEOs, thought leaders and business experts, whose knowledge can help you to become a more effective leader, and improve your company culture. 

This new episode features our conversation with Chloe Combi, best-selling author, global speaker, futurist, researcher and consultant. 

She is a leading expert on Generation Z (and now Gen A), writing and broadcasting extensively on this subject. Her expertise, research and patented data has her in huge demand with global companies, brands and governments. She is THE go-to consultant for senior leaders who want to better understand their Gen Z colleagues. 

Recently, she shared her invaluable insights at our Vital Few: Part Two programme. 

In this conversation with School for CEOs' Dave Wright, Chloe talks about:

  • The most common myths and misconceptions about Gen Z
  • The real reason why Gen Z might be depressed or unmotivated
  • The best approach to hybrid working
  • How the four generations can mentor and support each other in the workplace

And much more!

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Author Bio: Dave Wright

Dave is School for CEOs Client Solutions Manager. As well as being a certified coach and therapist, Dave has an extensive background in marketing and PR. His creative and emotionally intelligent approach helps him to passionately communicate the career-transforming benefits of our services, whilst finding the best possible learning solution for our prospective and existing clients.