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We thrilled to share our 30th episode - this time featuring Jeremy Snape, a former international cricketer and coach. Jeremy is CEO and Founder of Sporting Edge, the digital platform that fuses compelling stories from world class performance with psychological research to create inspiring learning environments for individuals and teams. He is also a valued member of the School for CEOs Faculty, who appears on our Vital Few: Part One programme

In this conversation with School for CEOs' David Wright, Jeremy shares his journey from playing cricket for England, to becoming a revered sports psychologist and thought leader.

He also shares his insights on:

  • Turning his greatest ‘failures’ into catalysts for success
  • Self-sabotage in career defining moments
  • Breaking free from a limiting career identity
  • Using purpose and humility to steer through great adversity
  • Why resilience and reinvention matter more than natural talent

You can listen to full episode below...

Learn more about Jeremy's work

Listen to Jeremy’s podcast Inside the Mind of Champions on Apple https://apple.co/3kLX2Nd or Spotify https://spoti.fi/302xfIU

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Supercharge your leadership skills. Visit: Sporting Edge | Performance Insights & Consultancy

Attend Vital Few: Part One and enjoy Jeremy's session on resilience and performance

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Author Bio: Dave Wright

Dave is School for CEOs Client Solutions Manager. As well as being a certified coach and therapist, Dave has an extensive background in marketing and PR. His creative and emotionally intelligent approach helps him to passionately communicate the career-transforming benefits of our services, whilst finding the best possible learning solution for our prospective and existing clients.