Achieving a psychologically safe environment is the foundation for building a high performing team. Working with one of our coaches, you will gain an independent perspective and be guided through a four-stage process to diagnose and address the specific requirements of your team and organisation.


Each team development intervention is designed specifically to meet the needs of that team, avoiding a ‘cookie cutter’ approach as each team we work with is different.  With years of experience in working with senior teams, the School for CEOs team has a proven approach and team architecture that supports teams that want to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Four discreet but interlinked and interdependent phases make up our approach to team development. These include:


Contracting and Planning

Understand the context and desired outcomes and agree level of commitment required from the team.


Diagnosis and Design

Understand individual team members’ perspectives in depth, drawing on recurring themes to shape the design of the event. Additional tools (questionnaires based on Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a team and psychometrics) can be introduced at this stage.



A full day event with plenary discussion, small group work, team exercises and debriefing on information gathered. Team members depart session with clear actions and output is written up by facilitator and distributed.


Follow Up

Follow up sessions build accountability and opportunity to review progress, leading to further commitments for the team.

Participant Profile

With comprehensive diagnostic tools and facilitated workshops, these interventions have a strong track-record of accelerating team performance from Executive Committee to management teams alike. 

What our Clients Say

Our team was formed while working from home amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, which impacted our industry tremendously. There was a great deal of competition amongst the team and a lack of collaboration. David has been working with us both individually and as a group to build a foundation of trust, improved communication, and an ethos of collaboration. Over the past six months, we have transformed from 10 individuals into an integrated unit working towards common goals. I credit this remarkable transformation entirely to David’s coaching and feedback, which we will continue to engage to further evolve the team dynamics. 

Chief Marketing Officer – Technology Travel Business


With the help and support of David my senior management team have become a senior leadership team and recognised as such within the organisation as a whole. I have seen dramatic and lasting effects on this team, who are now performing to very high standards.

Regional Director – The Environment Agency


We found David’s input made us focus on the key issues, work together as a team having been encouraged to sweep away any relationship barriers and establish an enduring operational framework. The team has achieved two years of double-digit growth as a result.

Senior Partner – Law Firm


During the past year David has helped the FSA, and most particularly our executive committee, to develop a bold and thought leading strategy for regulation in the future.  David structured and facilitated many meetings of our top team.  In my view his facilitation skills were excellent.  The timing, motive and tone of his interventions were very well judged, he kept the momentum moving forward, efficiently dealt with conflicts among the group and was very thoughtful in structuring sessions so they were serious but enjoyable.  David contributed a great deal to our deliberations.

CEO – Financial Services Authority

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