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Our 33rd episode features our conversation with Andy Williamson. 

Andy is the founder of Welcome Brain, a neurodiversity consulting firm. The rationale behind Welcome Brain is that support for neurodivergent individuals within organisations improves outcomes for individuals, leaders, and the organisation as a whole.

Andy has been working with neurodivergent individuals for over a decade. His background is in Education and Mental Health support, through his founding of Hampton Tutors - an academic coaching company that specialises in executive function skill-building and Sequoia Teen Counseling Center - a counseling practice for teens and young adults. 

In this episode we explore:

  • The neurodivergent ‘umbrella’ and the different conditions and experiences this could include
  • How a lack of neuroinclusion can impact on talent attraction and retention
  • How a neuroinclusive work culture benefits neurotypical people too
  • How neurodivergent people can self-advocate in the workplace
  • How neurodivergent leaders can navigate the complex landscape of senior leadership
  • Mid-life diagnoses and experiences
  • The lack of provision for Gen Z workers diagnosed at school age
  • The link with neurodivergence and anxiety

A YouTube video with subtitles, automatic chapters and transcript can be found HERE 

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