Leadership transitions can often be complicated and messy. Using an in-depth Dimensions self-assessment and structured support from an accredited coach facilitator, Runway helps leaders take control of your career and develop a 3-5 year plan to navigate significant transitions with purpose, confidence and clarity.


Excelling in your current role builds confidence, however it is not a guarantee of success in your next one. As you take on more leadership responsibility your contribution and expectations of you shift too. Each leadership transition from sole contributor to manager of contributors, manager of managers and so on, requires a shift in mindset as well as activity.

Many professionals build a reputation based on a particular area of expertise or execution. As you gain more leadership responsibility you can become more removed from the activities that made you successful previously. Breadth of knowledge and understanding begins to supersede depth and this can be both confusing and unsettling.

Runway was created both to help individuals understand the challenges you may face as you progress in your career, but also to ensure that you take ownership of it, considering your personal ambitions and creating a 3-5 year development plan to support them. 


Runway is available for organisations in-house over a 24-hour timeframe.

While the format of the programme is flexible to suit individual and organisational preferences and priorities, the content and focus of Runway is consistent across all formats.

Core to the programme is the School for CEOs Dimensions framework which addresses five Dimensions of Management:

  • Managing Up: forming the right relationship with your boss and other senior stakeholders
  • Managing Down: leading both your immediate team and the wider organisation
  • Managing Out: working with stakeholders outside your organisation
  • Managing In: keeping your feet on the ground
  • Managing Across: getting your peer group relationships right

Participants complete a Dimensions self assessment diagnostic in advance as pre-work for the programme and explore each dimension in depth during the sessions.

Programme content also covers:

  • Succession and your development plan
  • Networking: the purpose and importance of building strong relationships internally and externally
  • Understanding the neuroscience behind resilience
  • Purpose: obtaining clarity on what is really important as a leader and how that impacts the organisation
  • The ABC model of Inclusive Leadership

Participant Profile

Runway participants come from a wide variety of businesses and backgrounds. This can include quoted, private and family-owned businesses as well as non-profit organisations.

Typical Runway participants already have significant leadership responsibility and are usually one or two levels below Executive level. This can depend on the organisation size however, and we have welcomed participants already at Executive level and also deeper into their organisation.

Further to this, organisations use Runway to help give underrepresented groups a leg-up in their careers as part of wider initiatives to address poor representation of diversity at Executive level.

What our Clients Say

I thought the speakers were all excellent. They managed the conversation flow really well, allowed plenty of discussion but kept on topic and kept to time so that we covered everything. A key part for me was the opportunity to build a new internal network and to bond with other people on the course. Starting the night before with a little icebreaker and plenty of opportunity to get to know each other really helped

(senior leader, FTSE 50 asset manager)


I enjoyed talking about the transition I need to make to ensure that I become the most effective leader I can be, as this gave me an opportunity to reflect on the past few years that I may have mishandled certain situations

(Operations Director, Civil engineering company)


Extremely positive. Interesting and engaging. Created the wish to inwardly reflect and genuinely think about development areas and positive actions to take forward. Thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile.

(Regional Director, Retail Bank)


A fantastic opportunity to reflect on current positioning and future planning

(CFO, Risk Management business)

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