These workshops are designed to support senior leaders who want to drive inclusion and diversity in their organisation but aren’t sure how. They also provide an introduction for leaders and managers who are perhaps a little more sceptical around the subject and want to build their understanding in order to engage in a meaningful way, rather than pay lip-service to the subject.


Research tells us that the single most important lever for cultural change is role modelling at a senior leadership level.

So how do you develop your own personal awareness of the behaviours that you can demonstrate and set the right example for your colleagues?

Grounded in the School for CEOs’ ABC of Inclusive Leadership which has the pillars of Accountability, Behaviour and Curiosity at its heart, these workshops are bespoke to the organisation to help individuals engage with the subject in a meaningful way, challenge your thinking and support you as you develop practical next steps as individuals and as a leadership team.


These workshops are designed bespoke for the organisation and are designed in consultation with key sponsors.

Typically they can explore the following key areas:

  • Defining diversity and inclusion
  • The business case and the societal case for diversity
  • Unconscious bias
  • Self-Awareness
  • The School for CEOs ABC model of Inclusive Leadership 

Participant Profile

Given their bespoke nature, these workshops have broad applicability and have been designed for Executive Teams, Diversity steering groups and for use at wider leadership conferences.

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