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Coaching is a key part of all School for CEOs programmes.  The Runway and Vital Few programmes include a followup one-on-one coaching session specifically designed to help delegates embed and integrate programme learnings into their day to day business life and shape their own development plans.

Coaching is delivered by the hand-picked School for CEOs Coaching Panel.  The Panel is headed up by David Sole.

In addition to providing coaching support for the School for CEOs programmes, David and others on the Coaching Panel are available to deliver other coaching programmes under the School for CEOs banner. These programmes include ‘standard’ executive coaching, onboarding and career transition coaching.

Our approach to coaching is to ensure that any intervention is bespoke to the needs of the client and the organisation. Our coaches have extensive business and coaching experience and while empathetic to the needs of their clients, are very challenging and provocative as they support them. The coaching is practical and pragmatic and focuses on real and tangible outputs – there are no cosy ‘fireside chats’.

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