Team Development

Team Development

The School for CEOs have a well-developed high-performing Team Architecture that helps address group related challenges.



With comprehensive diagnostic tools and facilitated workshops, these interventions have a strong track-record of accelerating team performance from Executive Committee to management teams alike.

Beginning with a thorough diagnostic including team interviews, questionnaires and briefing, interventions are designed to suit the specific requirements of the team and organisation. 

Team events usually last at least one day, during which the team develops its own performance architecture. In addition to this, there is considerable focus on values, culture and behaviours within the team.


The preference is to work with teams on an on-going basis so that the team development is sustained and embedded. Typically, this would be a series of two to three events over and above the initial workshop.

Team events consist of input sessions, small group work and group exercises to emphasise the characteristics of high-performing teams.

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