Reverse  Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring

An upward mentoring process grounded in research, this programme nurtures diverse thinking in organisations and develops more inclusive leaders.



Typically for cohorts of six to ten pairs, each programme is tailored to address the client’s business challenges and runs over a six-month period, kicking off with a half-day facilitated workshop that is complemented by support and supervision to mentors and mentees throughout the process.

Depending on the objectives of the client organisation, selection for mentor participants is often biased towards minority groups or individuals within a certain age range.

Mentees are senior leaders who wish to broaden their perspectives and learn to engage a diverse and changing workforce and develop a more inclusive leadership style.

Mentors are committed to supporting senior leaders in their organisation and tend to come from the organisation’s talent population.

The mentoring process was developed using thorough research and identifies and embeds the key attributes to make this type of mentoring successful.

Structured agendas form an integral part of the process and these agendas are drawn from the latest subject matter research, be that inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, or generational differences.

Ongoing support and supervision identifies key themes that can be addressed to further drive and embed change at an organisational level.

Benefits for participants

As a mentee:

  • You will broaden your perspectives on your chosen topic
  • You will gain new insights and ideas to enhance innovation in your organisation
  • You will gain live feedback on how to make your organisation fit for future employees
  • You will uncover some unconscious biases and become a more inclusive leader

As a mentor:

  • You will develop your leadership capability and coaching skills
  • You will have an opportunity to be heard, and become an influencer in your organisation
  • You will contribute to the development of an inclusive culture that is fit for future
  • You will gain social capital (kudos) in your organisation    

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