Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

An expert coaching panel is led by David Sole OBE, Managing Partner of School for CEOs, who has over 20 years’ experience coaching leaders of global businesses



Specialising in Executive Coaching, School for CEOs coaches also support individuals through On-boarding and Career Transition Coaching.

Using the School’s unique Dimensions tool, with its ability to provide multi-rater input, the diagnostic element of the coaching is one of the most thorough in the marketplace.

Executive Coaching typically lasts six months, with six one-to-one sessions, around four to six weeks apart. Coaches are accessible to clients throughout the course of the coaching programme and are ideally matched to work with clients at different levels in an organisation. 

On-Boarding Coaching has been specifically designed to de-risk new hires and internal promotions. A shorter, more intensive programme that includes stakeholder interviews, this coaching has proved invaluable in ensuring transitions are successful.

Career Transition Coaching was designed to provide a coaching-led approach to outplacement. It allows the client to reflect on past career activity before preparing them to embark on the search for the next challenge. It includes CV and interview preparation as well as leveraging the School’s extensive network.

Dimensions Coaching uses the unique School for CEOs Dimensions tool to provide clients with insights into their relationships up, down and across the organisation. This provides real focus and clarity to the coaching agenda. This is available as a single session or as a kick-off to a full coaching programme.

Finally, the new Crisis Management Coaching programme is available to support leaders with both immediate and longer term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. This programme of one to three virtual sessions addresses the core challenges outlined in the two part webinar series Leadership and Survival, led by the School for CEOs' Co-founders, David Sole OBE and Patrick Macdonald.

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"Stepping back from the day to day challenges of work to reflect on your leadership style and approach and to view this through a different lens is a key part of coaching"
David Sole OBE

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