How do you stay abreast of emerging trends and evolutions that might affect your business, including economic, technological, social, political and environmental? This short conference-style programme brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners over 24 hours to share the latest macro and micro developments that could influence your approach.


The world is evolving faster than we ever believed possible and the ability to anticipate and respond to changing human and business needs, circumstances, and priorities, is becoming increasingly challenging.

Vital Few: Part Two was developed to provide an annual event where business leaders are invited to take a step back and reflect on their leadership and how some of these emerging factors might influence both the direction of their business and how they get there.


The schedule for this programme is curated each year to explore topical themes for businesses and leaders. While the speakers and themes change for each programme, the format remains consistent with each programme beginning with a group drinks reception and dinner with a guest speaker followed by a full day workshop, anchored in the Dimensions leadership framework.

A detailed curriculum for the upcoming programme will be released early in 2023.

The 2022 agenda covered the following:

  • Managing Up: your relationship with the Board with Dan Grandage (Head of Sustainable Investing at abrdn)
    • This session explores ESG, one of the most important topics of the 21st century, as it defines a practical framework for moral money-making
  • Managing Down: leading your team and the wider organisation with Owen Eastwood (Performance Coach and author of Belonging)
    • The need to belong is universal and fundamental. This session considers what leaders should do to create a culture where every employee, regardless of their background, feels they belong
  • Managing Out: understanding the external landscape and engaging stakeholders outside your organisation with Geoff White (Investigative Journalist for Channel 4) and Kitty Usher (Chief Economist at the Institute of Directors)
    • Specialising in technology and cybercrime Geoff shines light onto the technology that is changing our world for the better...and sometimes worse
    • Kitty presents a review of the current and future economic outlook following the pandemic and the implications for business
  • Managing In: keeping your feet on the ground with Fiona Murden (psychologist and author of Mirror Thinking)
    • Fiona explores the neuroscience behind the mirror system and how to leverage it for your own success

At dinner, guests are also joined by Ella Al-Shamahi, Explorer, Palaeoanthropologist and Evolutionary Biologist. From sailing through pirate waters to excavating in high conflict territories Ella shares her experiences and insight into our evolution as a species, and what this could mean for the future of humankind.

Participant Profile

As with the Part One programme, Vital Few: Part Two is open to business leaders from a variety of sectors and business backgrounds including public, private and non-profit organisations.

The programme is open to previous participants on Vital Few: Part One alongside incumbent Chief Executives and members of our Faculty.

What our Clients Say

The overall programme was excellent, thought provoking, and I really enjoyed the broad perspective from the four areas challenging us to think holistically and recognise the importance of all 4 aspects in our roles as leaders.

(CEO, Construction business)


Fascinating sessions offering a perspective completely different to the world you perceive every day.

(CEO, Housing and care provider)


It has made get a feel for what is expected as CEO, how to behave and some core areas for further development which I intend to spend good quality time on

(Managing Director, Fintech business)


I learned a lot from Vital Few and was keen to experience and learn further from Vital Few: Part Two. It provided me a forum where I felt comfortable to share and openly discuss issues with peers

(CEO, Construction business)