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Runway is available both as an open programme for individuals and also for in-house delivery for organisations.

Designed for individuals with the ambition to become senior business leaders, Runway helps participants realise their potential and position themselves for success.

For organisations, it helps identify the development and support that will be needed to help people reach their aspirations helping them on the runway to career growth and personal development.

The Programme

The Runway programme consists of three parts:

  • A one-day workshop uses a mixture of class-based learning and group work shaped around the School for CEOs’ Dimensions framework
  • A dinner the evening before the workshop which uniquely offers the chance to hear directly from a Chair who shares their personal learnings and insights into successful leadership and the route to the top
  • One-to-one coaching (optional) to consolidate key learnings from the programme

The workshop introduces participants to the School for CEOs’ Dimensions framework. This addresses the attributes to be mastered in order to step up to the next level:

  • Managing Up – followership and what it means
  • Managing Down – leadership and why it matters
  • Managing Out – your stakeholders and how they change
  • Managing In – yourself and work/life balance
  • Managing Across - getting your peer group relationships right

Before attending the programme participants complete a detailed self-assessment questionnaire. The resulting feedback considers readiness to step up to the next level and helps identify strengths and areas for development.

One-to-one coaching is available six to eight weeks after the workshop by School for CEOs qualified coaches. The coaching integrates the insights gained and embeds development actions within a detailed personal development plan spanning three to five years of activity.

Key value for participants

  • Practical lessons delivered by real-world practitioners
  • Extensive feedback on your readiness to step up to the next level and identification of areas of strength and development
  • Expert help to create and refine your personal development plan, specifically geared to support your development as an aspiring business leader over the next 3-5 years
  • Follow-up one-on-one coaching is available to help you structure, focus and apply the lessons you've gained

Other benefits:

  • Membership of the School for CEOs alumni - a growing and vibrant network of experienced business leaders
  • Exclusive networking sessions with Chairs and CEOs.
  • A LinkedIn group to share ideas and networks

Previous School for CEOs programmes have received very strong evaluations from delegates. Overall, delegates have given previous Runway programmes a 95% 'excellent' rating and a Net Promoter Score of +88.

Delegate comments have included:

“All speakers were excellent – well presented – well tuned and very good/useful content”

“Excellent team – very experienced, articulate and accessible”

“Industry speakers were excellent, providing real insight. Very good”

“It was absolutely relevant”

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