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Millennial Mentoring

The Millennial Mentoring programme is designed to help senior Executives gain a new cross-generational perspective. Demographic change, social transformation and technology are impacting the way businesses function.

This programme will deepen Executives’ understanding and insights into new technologies, communication methods and philosophies on work and consumer choice from a generation that is leading many of these changes.

The Millennial Mentoring programme follows a structured methodology and is supported by ongoing supervision from experienced practitioners alongside ‘micro’ feedback & content input through an online platform.

The School for CEOs will support organisations through an 8-month cycle, including initial scoping, contracting, pairing of executives with millennials.

The programme

The programme includes:

  • How to approach selection of mentors and mentees in the organisation and in defining objectives and outcomes.
  • Supporting the organisation as they select the mentor & mentee pairings ensuring that both people in the pair have the right criteria and characteristics for the process and an appropriate ‘fit’.
  • Running an event for mentors and mentees that will focus on developing great mentoring skills; and covering contracting ‘rules’ to ensure organisational hierarchies do not prevail in the relationship.
  • Running a closing event to review the process of mentoring, the capability, engagement and learnings of both parties and clarifying whether the pairs had achieved their pre-defined outcomes and objectives.

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