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School for CEOs launches first Millennial Mentoring programme

25 September 2017

A reverse mentoring scheme for Executives and Millennials

School for CEOs, the executive development specialists, have introduced a Millennial Mentoring Programme to help senior executives gain new cross-generational perspectives.

The School for CEOs published its research Future-proofing the CEO in Autumn 2016. This highlighted the importance for leaders to develop agility, to empower their teams and to scan the horizon for new technologies and potential disruptors to their businesses. The 70+ business leaders who contributed to the research, highlighted the importance of technology as the single most influential driver of change in the coming years. It was this research, together with insights gained from a visit to Silicon Valley and listening to leaders discussing their challenges on the School’s programmes, that has resulted in the development and introduction of the Millennial Mentoring programme.

The programme, which is delivered by the School for CEOs’ own practitioners, has been created by Managing Partner David Sole and his daughter, Gemma Sole. David, co-founder of School for CEOs said: ‘Reverse-mentoring was first introduced as a concept in the United States by Jack Welch in 1999. While it is becoming a popular initiative in the US, UK businesses have generally been slower to adopt the principle.’

He added: ‘Demographic change, social transformation and technology are impacting the way businesses function. This form of ‘reverse mentoring’ will deepen Executives’ understanding and insights into new technologies, communication methods and philosophies on work and consumer choice from a generation that is leading many of these changes.’

He continued: ‘We have designed a programme that provides a well-defined structure and set of objectives for the relationship as well as some clear ‘terms of engagement’. Working with Gemma, a Millennial herself, we have been able to come at this from both perspectives, and assess what might be some of the blockers and enablers to a successful reverse-mentoring relationship, for both parties.’

Gemma Sole, Marketing and Digital Director at the School for CEOs, added: ‘We don’t know what we don’t know. By pairing senior executives with young talent, executives gain direct insight into the mind-sets of a generation who are driving societal change, who intuitively adopt new methods of communication and who want different things from work compared to other generations. Simultaneously, the programme provides a great platform to engage and develop young talent in the workplace.’

School for CEOs supports organisations through an 8-month cycle, including initial scoping, contracting, pairing execs with millennials and supporting and supervising them throughout the process.


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