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David Sole discusses intelligent leadership with Scotland's business leaders

20 January 2017

David Sole, School for CEOs partner, led a compelling discussion around the four different types of intelligence critical to successful leadership. This generated lots of interaction with the audience which included members of the School’s Faculty and Alumni alongside some of Scotland’s leading senior business executives.

‘It sounds like a statement of the blindingly obvious’ he said. ‘However CEOs need to be intelligent. Their colleagues expect them to be clever, possibly the smartest person in the room; and the Board expects the CEO to demonstrate great judgement otherwise investors wouldn’t be trusting them with their money.’

He continued: ‘Is it only about intellect? What about Emotional Intelligence – surely that is key? And are there other forms of brainpower that leaders should be aware of?’

David Sole OBE has 16 years’ experience as an Executive Coach with clients across a wide variety of sectors, including several CEOs. He believes there are four different types of intelligence that aspiring leaders should be aware of and which have the capacity to be developed.

IQ – acumen and intellect
EQ – emotional intelligence
PQ and CQ – political and curiosity quotients

‘Intelligence is central to success as a CEO, however it is more than simply intellect and brainpower. Emotional Intelligence complements brains, yet to be truly effective you need to develop political nous and be hungry to learn. IQ and EQ are essential, but PQ and CQ are the dimensions of intellect that really make a difference to the most intelligent CEOs.’

This is an abbreviated version of an article originally published in Today’s CEO magazine. For the full version, visit CSuite.
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