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Business leaders join School for CEOs in Edinburgh

17 May 2017

Delegates from a range of sectors (including the world's leading industrial thread manufacture, financial services, civil engineering, cloud computing, emergency vet care, sporting governing body) attending the School for CEOs recent Runway programme heard David Sole OBE, Co-founder of the School and co-author of 21st-Century Networking, deliver a session on the importance of having a good network. This session offered key insights on how to develop and leverage both personal and business networks.

The delegates at the event in Edinburgh also heard from award-winning business leader, entrepreneur and Chairman of Scottish Enterprise, Bob Keiller. During his session, he shared his experience of delivering transformational change in several businesses and focussed on leadership, core values and communication as the drivers of culture. He said: ‘The bottom line in becoming a good leader is that communication is a huge part of the job and should be taken seriously to become truly effective and inspirational.’

In a workshop session, the group worked through the results of a self-assessment and shaped their own development plans for the next 3-5 years, using the School for CEOs Dimensions framework.

Other speakers during the Runway programme were Jo Sellwood-Taylor, Founding Director of Mullwood Partnership and Louise Alford, a former Director of Business HR at Sky. Following her session, Louise commented, ‘It was a pleasure to join the School for CEOs to talk about succession planning. For any candidate looking to step up to a more senior role, it is important to remember not to be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced, you won’t be promoted!
‘So when planning your career options don’t just consider your own succession but those of your team members’.

At the completion of the programme David Sole said: “we could not have asked for a better group of delegates in Edinburgh. Engaging yet reflective, participants challenged and supported each other throughout the day, and there was a great energy in the room.”

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