Leadership Challenges of a Hybrid Working Model


Following on from the School for CEOs previous series of Covid-19 webinars in 2020, this session will explore the leadership challenges of a hybrid working model. As lockdowns lift and organisations start thinking about a more sustained return to the office, leaders will have to consider a number of new challenges for both their colleagues and their customers and adapt their approach accordingly.

Contextualised through the School for CEOs Dimensions model, we will consider issues such as:

  • Should leaders focus on productivity or presenteeism?
  • Will there be a need to redefine collaboration?
  • Is the ‘working from home’ environment really fit for future?
  • How do businesses ensure there isn’t a diminished client experience?
  • What risks does a hybrid working model bring to the organisation and its employees?
  • How can leaders be truly inclusive in a hybrid model?

Join us as we discuss these pertinent topics, and share practical insights and experiences on how to achieve a more sustained return to the office.