The Psychological Impact of Covid-19: How senior executives are impacted by lockdown

Date: Friday 9th October

Time: 12-1pm BST

To address the growing public health crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous countries around the world introduced drastic measures to reduce disease transmission.

As a result of lockdown, many businesses across the UK were forced to close down their buildings and millions of individuals had to change their ways of working and leading, trying to find a balance between professional and personal life, all within the space of their homes. Thus, the pandemic has brought an enforced change in lifestyle for most people.

To understand the true implications of these changes on the mental wellbeing of senior leaders School for CEOs have partnered with Dr Mioara Cristea from the Department of Psychology, School of Social Sciences at Heriot Watt University in a study of leading UK businesses:

  • How have senior leaders managed responsibilities at work with more practical aspects of lockdown such as homeschooling?
  • Are leaders with young dependents at a higher risk of burnout than empty nesters?
  • How do the experiences of male leaders differ to female leaders?
  • How has remote leadership affected their leadership style and their personal resilience?
  • Who and what has helped these leaders stand up to the challenge?

This webinar explores all of this and more, drawing on the insights gained from Chief Executives and senior leaders across a variety of business sectors.