Mirror Thinking: How Role Models Make Us Human

Date: Wednesday 8th July

Time: 1-2pm (BST)


School for CEOs are delighted to welcome back psychologist Fiona Murden to share insights from her latest book which connects the neuroscience of the mirror neuron with human behaviour and role modeling.

Mirror Thinking explores the incredible impact the mirror neuron has on everything we learn and do in our lives; what makes us human. Accidentally found by neuroscientists the mirror neuron and mirror system are the basis of our humanity enabling the transfer of behaviours, knowledge, customs and societal norms. They unconsciously shape us and the world in which we live in every single interaction we have yet we are typically oblivious to their dramatic role.

The webinar explores how it works and how you can use it to enable personal, organisational and social change. During her presentation, Fiona will offer a guide on how to find and leverage role-models and how to be a better role-model to others, outlining the pathway to taking conscious control of and making better use of our own mirror thinking.

About the Speaker

Fiona Murden is an award winning author and psychologist who has spent the past 20 years working with prominent people across industries.

Fiona is founder of Aroka Ltd which profiles senior leaders in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia Pacific to assess their fit, strengths and the risks in relation to the role that they are being hired for. Fiona also advises senior leaders and is employed as a leadership coach in companies such as Burberry, BP, Cadbury and smaller privately owned organisations. She is currently involved with a start up organisation working on people performance as their Chief Scientific Officer.

Her speaking commitments take her into diverse organisations such as the Institute of Directors, the Cabinet Office, Royal College of Surgeons, London School of Economics, McKinsey & Co. She is founder of the movement Dot to Dot, which aims to improve everyone’s understanding of and access to psychological evidence and tools. She also hosts the podcast Dot to Dot.

Her first book Defining You won the Self Development category of the Business Book Awards in 2019 and the Axiom Business Book awards in the USA.

Mirror Thinking is released on Thursday 9th July.