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The Coaching Leader

Often, the easiest way to answer a question is to give a straight answer.  However, do you ever pause to consider how your answer might impact the individual who posed the question?  

Why did they ask the question in the first place?  Was it because they needed guidance?  Was it because they lacked confidence to make the decision on their own?  Perhaps they were being lazy?

Sometimes you need to be directive as a leader, but you can also foster greater creativity and collaboration if you can create a learning environment in your team.

The Coaching Leader is the first module in the School for CEOs' Leadership Series.  In this half-day masterclass, business leaders learn to use coaching models and skills such as facilitative and directive coaching, active listening, performance and interference, and questioning.  They hone their coaching skills in practical sessions, delivered by the School's experienced team of executive coaches, who bring their personal insights and experiences to help leaders learn to create the right environment to coach and build rapport as well as the skills to provide the right balance of challenge and support to get the best out of their team.

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