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Bridging the gender pay gap

gender pay gap

There was a great film on over the festive period early this year. “Made in Dagenham” told the story of a group of women in the Ford Motor Company plant...

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What Makes a Chief Executive?

5 Qualities Blog

If you’re looking for advice on what makes a successful CEO, whether female or male, there’s plenty of it about. There are lots of lists of the qualities required, all of which capture one or many aspects of the CEO’s job and the particular qualities that are associated with success. My list has five elements to it. The five items, in my view, determine whether you’re going to make it to the top job and be successful once you’re there.

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What makes a CEO successful?


At the School for CEOs we carry out research into what makes CEOs successful. The results help us develop our innovative development programmes.

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Why astute CEOs must pay attention to employee’s mental health

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The following article was written by Geoff McDonald, who will be joining the School for CEOs for a breakfast seminar on 14 September in London.

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How to get that golden ticket...

golden ticket

Non-executive directorships are increasingly sought after by talented executives looking to broaden their learning and experience outside of their current organisations.

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Governance, Leadership and the Wild West

wild west 1000x665

Public company Governance – Governance with a capital G – has received a lot of attention over the last few years.

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Find your inner grit

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In an increasingly unpredictable business world, terms such as grit and resilience are often attributed to the organisations who best withstand turbulence and bounce back from major set-backs.

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What makes a winner?


As the 6 Nations kicked off last weekend and Scotland once again could not regain the Calcutta Cup, I was left to reflect on what makes a winner.

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Keep it Cool

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How does the CEO keep her cool in the heat of battle? There’s a lot on her plate.

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focus 750x1000

One of the most heavily-used words in business is ‘focus’. Business gurus, management consultants, business school professors all talk about it. Business leaders pepper their presentations with it.

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