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Tag: Leadership Qualities

What Makes a Chief Executive?

5 Qualities Blog

If you’re looking for advice on what makes a successful CEO, whether female or male, there’s plenty of it about. There are lots of lists of the qualities required, all of which capture one or many aspects of the CEO’s job and the particular qualities that are associated with success. My list has five elements to it. The five items, in my view, determine whether you’re going to make it to the top job and be successful once you’re there.

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Four Dimensional Leadership™ – Managing Out


Having previously discussed the vertical management skills of Managing Up and Managing Down, we now turn to the horizontal axis with Managing Out.

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Defining success: my World Cup experience


In 2009, I realised I quite liked playing netball. Having spent the summer living with a GB Nordic skier, I used to hear her leap out of bed first thing...

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Curiosity never killed the cat!

We British are a famously conservative, private people. We keep ourselves to ourselves, and tend not to meddle in others' affairs. It is their business after all.

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