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Most senior people in business see e-Learning as simply a good way of cutting down the costs of training their people in fairly basic activities.  If you want to make sure your workforce is fully up to speed in compliance, Health & Safety or the correct way to answer the phone, delivering training over the web is usually less expensive than a face-to-face course.  It also involves less logistical hassle (organising the meeting room, coffee, diaries, etc) and can be carried out at the participant’s convenience.  It’s handy and feels more modern than other methods.

However, most people wouldn’t look to e-Learning to train more complex, subtler issues such as strategy.  Can you really teach people how to create a rock-solid strategic plan through techniques learnt over the web?  Well, now we can find out.  Last year I came across a company called Nelson Croom.  They produce beautiful, carefully-designed e-Learning courses for a wide range of business and professional client bodies.  Very wisely, the professional associations covering accountants, lawyers, etc mandate several hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year, to make sure their members maintain and develop their skills.  Wouldn’t it be great if the same applied to business leaders?

I'm excited by the possibilities of e-Learning, so I’ve got down to work and written a new course which Nelson Croom are publishing today, Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning, which you can access through their website.  I think the course works well and I’m keen to see what the response is.  To me it looks great, but of course what really matters is the customer’s reaction!  Do let me know what you think.

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