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How do we deal with what lies ahead?

uncertainty ahead

Getting a sense of work-life balance and perspective in life is increasingly challenging in the modern environment.

Life is just tougher.

The need to build organisational agility and resilience was a strong theme in our research Future-Proofing the CEO. As we face into a fourth Industrial Revolution there are several significant megatrends that organisations need to deal with; decarbonisation, digitisation, demographic changes and social transformation.

Each of these trends pose significant challenges, and the political uncertainty around Brexit negotiations, coupled with the rise of disruptive technologies, make horizon scanning even more challenging for leaders.

How we choose to innovate and build our future requires us to pay attention now. Some leaders will do this naturally, for others it might appear too distant and perhaps too difficult to tackle. We need to build the leaders who can lead at this level of disruption. It also will require even greater levels of attention to collaboration and working together between governments, societies and organisations.

Exponential technologies and new innovations to our current world order already exist and are disrupting the commercial world at pace. The full extent of their impact on businesses and the extent of the change whilst not yet entirely present today will require us to adapt to even shorter cycles than we have until now. “What will this mean for people and the nature of work”? Dr Paul Litchfield’s paper on Work and Wellbeing in the 21st Century points out that attitudes and behaviours tend to adjust more slowly than technological advances. If we accept that the pace of change is accelerating and the cost of these new technologies are becoming evening cheaper, we will be facing the future very soon.

It is vital that organisations are agile and adaptable and able to flex to the volatile external environment. It is equally important, however, that individuals within the organisations mirror this and are agile, resourceful and resilient and have a sense of purpose.

With the advances in MRI scanning, we are able understand more about the way our brain functions, and can learn to tune in to certain cognitive processes. By increasing our awareness and learning to focus our attention, we can actively train the way we respond to uncertainty, helping us to become more resilient as individuals.

Be clear about your sense of purpose, both as an individual and an organisation, and create the ability to take control of the future.


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