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Four Dimensional Leadership™ - Managing In


This month I take a look at our fourth dimension, Managing In. My previous posts have covered the vertical dimensions of Managing Up and Managing Down and explored the horizontal axis through Managing Out.

The second horizontal dimension, Managing In focuses on you and, though often attributed a lower priority, bears equal importance to successful leadership within any organisation. It questions your self-management, and looks towards the future, helping you plan your continuous personal development and career path.

As Patrick Macdonald states in his overview of the 4 Dimensional Leadership Framework, Managing In is all about how to stay sane. Amidst the various competing pressures and priorities that come hand in hand with high-profile, demanding jobs, it is important to stay grounded.

If you come on our Runway programme, you’ll consider the attributes you need to master in order to demonstrate you’re ready to step up to the next level. Participants answer a self-assessment questionnaire and use the results to create your personal development plan to support your development over the next 3-5 years.

For Managing In we ask you to consider and think on two critical key areas:

1) Self-Management - how well do you know yourself and the leadership style you bring? How well do you know and understand your personal values and purpose? What is your capacity to stay on track when faced with resistance? 

Self-aware leaders will have invested time reflecting on their emotions, key strengths and limitations. They know and understand the points of tension in their personality with others. They will have learnt to identify and manage their deeply ingrained personality traits that could negatively affect their leadership style and actions. 

Successful leaders understand that potential derailers can often be triggered when facing stressful situations. They seek honest feedback, or are confronted, when these traits surface to enable them to be more self-aware and takes steps to adjust their style. 

2)  Managing your and career continuous learning - how well do you manage your continuous learning and development? What is the extent of your insights with respect to your leadership limitations and blind spots? Have you come to a resolution of the work/life tug of war that comes with the CEO role for you and your family?

Engaging in serious self-development with persistence and commitment is essential and great leaders will have spent time understanding and exploring their drive and motivation. They seek learning experiences to improve any gaps in their skill sets and ways to enhance their current strengths.

The ability to deal with setbacks differentiates high performing leaders; they possess a great deal of stamina and resolve to deal with conflict and resistance. By working on their flexibility and learn to adapt to the various situations rather than continuing to play every hand the same way.

Runway uses the Four Dimensional Leadership™ model as the core framework for the programme. Run predominantly as an open programme*, individuals from different business backgrounds come together to reflect on, compare and develop their management and leadership skills.

The next one-day Runway programme is on 19 November 2015. Places available.

* Runway is also now available as a closed programme exclusively for one organisation, or as part of a consortium where 3-4 organisations each send multiple delegates. Contact us for more information.

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