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Find your inner grit

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In an increasingly unpredictable business world, terms such as grit and resilience are often attributed to the organisations who best withstand turbulence and bounce back from major set-backs.  When combined with emotional intelligence and well-being factors this is also commonly known as Mental Toughness.

This grit is becoming widely accepted as a key ingredient to an organisation’s sustained success.  Mental Toughness is rising on business agendas as organisations focus on strategies to future-proof and protect themselves against potential pitfalls and challenges.

School for CEOs are delighted to collaborate with Sonia Johnston, Co-Founder of Impact for Growth, in our first interactive seminar on Mental Toughness.

Sonia is a Shadow Board Member of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator; Non-Executive Director, Capital Credit Union UK; and Managing Director of Impact for Growth.  She is also a Business Mentor with The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust.

Over the last 6½ years Sonia has helped a variety of clients remove issues and barriers, develop the path to success, creates awareness and increases individual mental toughness and generally helps project manage people and business.

Having also undertaken associate positions chairing SME boards, performing one to one executive coaching and developing psychometrics within Mental Toughness across various sectors, Sonia continues to help people within her Impact for Growth Business.

Mental toughness forms an integral part of Managing In; a core dimension in the School for CEOs’ Four-Dimensional Leadership™ Framework, used in the School’s leadership development programmes.

    • Brief introduction & Understanding to Mental Toughness and it’s key components
    • How Mental Toughness fits/relates and can benefit you and your organisation
        • Addressing performance, wellbeing, aspirations, positive behaviours
    • How it complements and feeds directly into the School for CEOs 4-Dimensional Leadership Framework™
        • Self-awareness, reflection, impact and consequences on you and others
    • About the MTQ48 tool and how it can be used to assess Mental Toughness
        • A top psychometric heavily researched and case studies across many industries developed by Professor Peter Clough

Sonia will be joining us on 15th March in the School for CEOs’ offices on Castle Street.  If you are interested to attend, please contact E-mail for further details.



    1. The School for CEOs 4-Dimensional Leadership Framework™ forms a key reference for the School’s programmes. Based on key findings from the School’s proprietary research, the model considers 4 key dimensions; Managing Up, Managing Down, Managing Out, and Managing In.


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  • Patrick Macdonald 26/02/2016 10:52am (3 years ago)

    The 15 March seminar will be a great opportunity to explore this theme which is very timely. Resilience, mental toughness, bouncebackability are key themes when hiring and developing senior people at the moment

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