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Curiosity never killed the cat!

We British are a famously conservative, private people.  We keep ourselves to ourselves, and tend not to meddle in others' affairs.  It is their business after all.

However, on our latest Runway programme, participants learnt that curiosity is key to successful leadership.  Donald Brydon CBE, School Faculty member, Chairman of Royal Mail and Sage Group spoke to delegates at dinner before the programme, where he explained that curiosity was an attribute he looks for when searching for a new CEO.  It is essential that leaders have a hunger to understand everything, to turn over every stone.

This perspective was echoed by Martin Gilbert, Chairman of Aberdeen Asset Management and also a member of the School for CEOs Faculty.  According to Martin, "It's my job to be a nosey parker".

So maybe it's time to shrug off this British notion that it's rude to ask too many questions.  In business today nosiness is considered an attribute not poor manners.  Ultimately you will get no answers without questions.

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