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Archive: March, 2017

Exponential Technologies...face into them or face extinction?

exponential technologies

This week a fellow alumnus from January’s Executive Programme at Singularity University shared an article. It was about a ground-breaking operation in India where doctors rebuilt part of a woman’s...

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Make the Decision Right

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Taking decisions is hard at the best of times. Even apparently simple questions can quickly descend into a myriad of competing factors which you try to take into account, whether consciously or unconsciously. And you do need to take decisions. Business thrives on action. You can’t stand still, because the external environment is constantly changing. Customers’ needs and expectations move on. New technology comes along. Competitors come up with new products and services. Regulators change their minds. The business that thinks it’s standing still is really going backwards. Like sharks, we all need to keep moving ahead.

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