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Archive: June, 2015

But who’s Basil?


I’ve been reading Will It Make The Boat Go Faster by Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet Beveridge. Hunt-Davis was in the British Olympic rowing 8 at Sydney 2000.

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It is all about strategy


Some words have literally become so overused as to be virtually meaningless. Walking along the street I often overhear conversations littered with these nondescript words which once had very specific...

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The Four Dimensions: Up, Down, Out, In


Since David Sole and I founded the School for CEOs in 2011, we’ve wanted to help people step up to the next level in their organisation.

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From Tragedy to Greatness

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Recently, Jimmy Wales was on ‘Desert Island Discs’. Jimmy is the co-founder of Wikipedia, the ultimate source of internet knowledge.

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Democracy, delusions and TIFKATT

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This week Greece moved one step closer to ‘Grexit’ – defaulting on its debts and, probably, leaving the Euro.

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