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Archive: May, 2015

The Job Remains The Same

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I was sitting next to an experienced business leader at dinner earlier this week. She’s been the CFO, CEO and Chairman of various consumer businesses.

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Just Tell Me What I Need to Know!

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One of the things all businesses must do is “get the basics right.” Deliver the parcel on time. Sew the seams of the dress properly. Serve the coffee hot.

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Learning at Work Week - Shaping Our Future


It’s Learning at Work Week, an annual awareness campaign organised by the Campaign for Learning since 1999.

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Little Guys 1 – Big Guys 0


David & Goliath is Malcolm Gladwell’s fifth book. His previous works include the well-known The Tipping Point, about small changes which have a disproportionate and unexpected impact.

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More on mowernomics

In his earlier blog School for CEOs Founder Patrick Macdonald mused on Mowernomics, referring to Qualcast mowers.

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If Prime Ministers were CEOs

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Last week Rachel Savage in Management Today matched party leaders to CEOs. In her article ‘General Election 2015: If party leaders were CEOs’ she noted that David Cameron bears a...

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I wrote a few weeks ago about ‘Shavernomics’. We tend to think of technological progress as something that happens in the world of ‘tech’, in other words websites and software.

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