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Archive: April, 2015


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Jeremy Marshall is the first non-family member to lead C. Hoare & Co, the private bank, since its foundation a mere 343 years ago.

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Curiosity never killed the cat!

We British are a famously conservative, private people. We keep ourselves to ourselves, and tend not to meddle in others' affairs. It is their business after all.

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The Slippery Steps


Quite rightly, there is a big push right now to get more women into senior business roles.

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Is First Better?

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The first time I heard the word ‘Internet’ was in 1992, at the very start of my MBA. INSEAD held a pre-course computer orientation session.

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The Deliverers

Last weekend, ITV prepared to take Saturday night television by storm.

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4-Dimensional Leadership


When David Sole and I founded the School for CEOs back in 2011, we started out by looking at what a CEO or aspiring CEO needs to do well in...

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