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Archive: March, 2015

Spring - a time for growth

Growth and building a sustainable business are high on the agenda for School for CEOs Faculty this week:

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Reverse Gear


So, farewell then, Jeremy Clarkson. As an avid consumer of Top Gear, I was very sad to see the talented presenter go.

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Is success a beauty pageant?

Last week, the School for CEOs ran the Vital Few programme, designed to help delegates reach and be successful in senior leadership positions.

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Let’s All Throw Tomatoes


I’ve been bemused by the differing treatment meted out in the media recently to (a) the senior leadership of HSBC, a large bank, and (b) the senior presenter of Top...

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apple watch

This week saw pricing details released about the new Apple Watch after months – if not years – of rumours, hints and announcements. At first blush it looks pretty bulky.

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School for CEOs Faculty: from Independence to accolades

The focus is on Scotland this week as we share updates from the CEO of Alliance Trust ltd and former Chairman of Gleneagles luxury resort.

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Being the Boss


Being the Boss is different. When you’re the Chief Executive, you have a different relationship with the rest of the organisation.

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Out with the old, in with the new for the School for CEOs Faculty

As one search ends, another begins. With Spring just around the corner School for CEOs Faculty are undertaking new projects for upturn and development:

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