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Application & Cancellation Policies


The programme fee includes all tuition, teaching materials, meals, overnight accommodation in a single room as appropriate and followup coaching/mentoring as appropriate.  Delegates are responsible for travel to and from the venue.

Application and invoicing process

To apply, send us a completed application using the form provided on the School for CEOs website at  We confirm places on a first-come, first-served basis and encourage you to apply early to secure your place.  We will review your application to confirm your eligibility and suitability for the programme you have selected.  Assuming you are successful, we will contact you within one week to confirm your programme date.  From this point, you are firmly enrolled on the programme: we will reserve your accommodation and begin preparing your individual joining instructions and teaching materials.  We will include an invoice for a non-refundable deposit in our confirmation and ask you to pay this in full upon receipt.

If accepted, you commit that you will devote sufficient time to any preparation and followup work to make full use of the programme.  You also commit to ensuring you are free of professional commitments during the programme itself.  We provide ample break time for messages, etc during the programme.

The balance of the programme fee will be invoiced approximately 6 weeks prior to the programme and is payable upon receipt.

No delegate will be accepted at the start of the programme unless their invoice has been paid in full.


All proposals to substitute, postpone or cancel your enrolment must be made immediately in writing to the School for CEOs.  All delegates benefit from the interaction with each other during the programme; high participation is therefore beneficial to all and we would ask you to consider carefully before changing your enrolment.  If you wish to substitute another person in your place, that person must apply and be accepted by the School for CEOs.  In such cases the full cancellation fee will be waived and a nominal administration fee levied instead.

If you wish to postpone your enrolment to a later programme, you will need to pay any resulting difference in the fee.  In addition, the following scale of charges will apply (times are before the programme start):

  • More than 60 days: Deposit Amount
  • 30-60 days: 25% charge
  • 11-29 days: 50% charge
  • 0-10 days: 80% charge.

If you wish to cancel your enrolment altogether, the following scale of charges will apply (times are before the programme start):

  • More than 60 days: Deposit Amount
  • 30-60 days: 50% charge
  • 11-29 days: 80% charge
  • 0-10 days: 100% charge (no refund).


Please contact School for CEOs admissions with any queries.  We will respond rapidly to any questions you may have.